Información social

El Hierro has 11,298 inhabitants, according to official population data published by the Canary Islands Statistics Institute (ISTAC).

A society marked by the rural environment, hardened in the search for opportunities to overcome the remoteness and double insularity, and historically difficult connections with the outside world.

With an eminently older population, above the national average, the island is persevering in its efforts to carve out a future of opportunities for its youth, and to a large extent these efforts are centred on renewable energies and initiatives linked to sustainability.

Gorona del Viento El Hierro is a tangible example of the determination of the people of El Hierro to overcome adversities such as dependence on the outside world, water shortages, unemployment, and the lack of specialised training, all of which have been helped by the start-up of the El Hierro hydro-wind power station.

Last updated 31/05/2022.

Date of publication 30/03/2020.