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Gorona del Viento El Hierro, S.A., is the company responsible for the running, operation and maintenance of the “Wind-Pumped Hydro Power Station”. The purpose of the facility is to supply El Hierro, the Meridian Island, with electrical energy derived from clean, renewable sources such as water and wind.

A wind farm produces energy which is directed into the Island’s electricity grid to satisfy the population’s demand for electricity. The surplus energy that is not consumed directly by the Island’s inhabitants is used to pump water between two reservoirs set at different altitudes. During times of wind shortage, the water stored in the Upper Reservoir is discharged into the Lower Reservoir, where the Wind-Pumped Hydro Power Station is, to generate electricity from its turbines.

In this way, an intermittent, fluctuating source of energy can be converted into a controlled, constant electricity supply, guaranteeing that the grid remains stable and optimising the benefits of renewable energy sources. The diesel-engine-powered Power Station only comes into operation in exceptional circumstances when there is neither sufficient wind or water to produce the energy to meet demand.

World-class innovation

A benchmark in the development of renewable energy and environmental respect.

This ground-breaking system, which is unique in the world, has transformed El Hierro into a flagship for the development of renewable energies and for respect for the environment thanks to the high percentage of electricity which it succeeds in generating from clean sources, resulting in a saving on diesel and a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions.

El Hierro’s Island Council maintains a 65.82% holding in Gorona del Viento, while Endesa holds 23.21%, the Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias (Technological Institute of the Canary Islands) holds 7.74% and the Canary Islands Government 3.23%.


Gorona del Viento is committed to transparency, innovation and sustainability as fundamental values. That is why it annually allocates resources to activities that generate a positive impact on the society of Herrera.

Renewable energies

Material and resources for the promotion of renewable energies and the El Hierro Hydropower Plant.


Educational community

Support and broadcasting to students on topics related to the environment, water preservation, and energy.


Energy savings

Help in the process of learning energy saving initiatives.

Compromise and responsibility

Our Values

The values that prevail in Gorona del Viento’s decision making are:


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Environmental commitment of the project
Environmental commitment of the project, its development and improvement.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Principles of corporate social responsibility, which are materialized in the contribution of a percentage of the profits to social projects of the Island.
Strict compliance with legislation
Strict compliance with legislation through the implementation of systems to prevent crimes and corrupt practices
Commitment to quality
Commitment to quality, environmental management and the safety and health of workers, through the implementation and certification of an integrated management system that guarantees continuous improvement.
Perseverance and professionalism

Our Mision

The mission of the company is the production and sale of electrical energy obtained from renewable sources on the island of El Hierro. Likewise, the construction and, currently, the exploitation of the hydroelectric power station constitutes a demonstrative, innovative and exemplary action that could potentially be exported to other territories, thus constituting a testing laboratory for new scenarios.

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Savings, management, synergies

Our Vision

The management of the company is oriented to the following approaches:


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Savings in the consumption of fossil fuels in El Hierro to the extent that the availability of renewable sources allows it, with the vision of covering 100% of the demand
Decrease in emissions
Reduction of CO2 emissions and, therefore, of the carbon footprint corresponding to electricity generation and the island’s transport sector.
Energy management strategies
Support for energy management strategies at the island level, through actions that influence the management of energy demand by the population
Creation of synergies
Creation of synergies for the economic development of the Island, collaborating in the dissemination of the technology of the Wind Hydro Pump Power Station