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Gorona del Viento El Hierro, S.A. has its headquarters in Valverde, the capital town of El Hierro Islandand the municipality that also houses the hydro-wind power plant.

El Hierro is the southernmost and westernmost island of the Canary Islands, with a surface area of 268.71 square kilometres and a population of 11,298 inhabitants (2021 data from the National Institute of Statistics).

The highest point is in the centre of the island, at Pico de Malpaso, at an altitude of 1,501 metres.

Geographically, El Hierro stands out for its steep slope, which gives it a multitude of microclimates, which means that within a few kilometres of each other, there are different landscapes, temperatures, etc.

Like the rest of the Canary Archipelago, it is an island of volcanic origin, still in the process of formation, as demonstrated by the relatively recent submarine eruption that occurred to the south of the island in 2011.

Last updated 31/05/2022.

Date of publication 30/03/2020.