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The company is commended for the accessibility it offers to its public data in a digital format (among other aspects considered).

Gorona del Viento El Hierro today collects the Canary Islands Prize for Excellence in Digital Transparency, an accolade awarded in this autonomous region to public institutions and their agencies for especially good practice in the field of Transparency.

Gorona (a company whose majority shareholder is the Island Council of El Hierro, and which voluntarily underwent the Transparency Index Evaluation) was this afternoon awarded a Commendation. This fact was announced today in the Canary Islands Parliament by the Commissioner in recognition of the company’s achievement in promoting “best practice in implementing digital transparency through the portals of the bodies and institutions subject to Canary Island Law 12/2014, 26 December”.

The work developed by Gorona in the administrative field (placing special emphasis on complying with the Law on Transparency and Access to Public Information with the creation of the new Portal housed on the company’s recently modernised website) played a fundamental part in securing the Commendation. “In relation to the Excellence Award,” stated the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Santiago González, “we must express our gratitude to the part played by our team in this work. The work does not end here, however, and we are sure that our team will improve on these results in future evaluations”. The Chief Executive Officer acknowledged the positive contribution made by the partnership between Gorona del Viento and the Administrative Organisation Department of El Hierro’s Island Council to securing the company a score of 7.12. This placed it among the 30.94% of organisations achieving a grade above the minimum — which was set at 7 points for 2018.

The report issued by the Commissioner pulls together the data which was taken into account in compiling the Canary Islands Transparency Index; in other words, that relating to the Canary Islands’ right of access to public information and to complaints received by the Commissioner for Transparency, as well as the results of the evaluation of transparency portals in relation to the fulfilment of the active publicity requirements.