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The owner of the Wind-Pumped Hydro Power Station renews its articles of association.

The new articles of association approved by the Ordinary General Meeting (held in Valverde on 10 December 2018) expand Gorona del Viento’s social commitment; they centre on four key vectors—the promotion of research into clean energy production, the promotion of electric vehicles, the dissemination of information about the Wind-Pumped Hydro Power Station, and the development of training programmes.

In June 2018, Gorona del Viento paid off its bank loans totalling €25.6 million, which it had applied for in order to build the Wind-Pumped Hydro Power Station. With the end of commitments to financial institutions, the change in the articles of association will enable the company to direct its profits towards activities that will have a positive effect on the population of El Hierro.

Gorona del Viento has approached the renewal of its articles of association with a pledge to transparency, innovation and sustainability, which are fundamental values of the El Hierro company. Thanks to these changes, the company behind the development, promotion and deployment of the renewable-energy Wind-Pumped Hydro Power Station can now devote itself to responding to the needs of the local population.

The new lines of work resulting from this expansion will be added to the activities that have already taken place: such as the recently-introduced charging points installed on the Island for electric vehicles and the agreements reached with the Universities of La Laguna and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria covering research, dissemination and training.

In addition to the expansion of its social commitment, Gorona del Viento’s articles of association have been adapted to bring them into compliance with legislative changes introduced since they were created, such as the current regulations in respect of data protection (among other things), and the inclusion of technical improvements.