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A total of €60,000 will be awarded to the improvement of language skills for high school students.

From today, students on El Hierro studying at baccalaureate level can apply for one of the grants offered by Gorona del Viento to enable them to take a language course abroad this summer. The foreign language immersion scholarships fall within the framework of the organisation’s Social Action programme, which every year provides funding for activities that will have a positive impact on El Hierro society.

In all, 20 grants will be offered for students in the first and second cycles of the Baccalaureate in El Hierro’s schools and colleges. The total grant funding available will be €60,000, so each individual scholarship will be worth a maximum of €3,000. The grant will be conditional on academic criteria and on household income.

The funding can be used for a language immersion course in a country chosen by the student receiving the award, provided that the language being studied is that country’s official language (English, French or German), and that the course is for a minimum period of three weeks.

The announcement of these grants will provide a valuable opportunity for young people on the Island to improve their future prospects. Gorona del Viento is committed to quality training and education, particularly in languages, because of the impact this will have on the young people who will, in the future, be the driving force behind El Hierro’s development.

The grants can be used to cover the costs of travel, accommodation and subsistence, enrolment on the course, civil liability and accident insurance—and, if applicable, validation in Spain of any academic qualification obtained.

Students who meet the criteria and who wish to take advantage of this opportunity, have until 8 May 2019 to submit their applications. The full conditions can be found on the corporate website (htttp:// or on the Gorona del Viento and I.E.S. Garoé noticeboards.