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Gorona del Viento and the Biosphere Reserve combine their programmes of action

By October 9, 2020June 4th, 2021No Comments

Representatives of Gorona del Viento and the Biosphere Reserve of El Hierro held a meeting this week to outline joint lines of action that aim, among other objectives, to deepen the approach of these two entities to the public, while taking advantage of the benefits of the hydro-wind power plant and the seal awarded by UNESCO to further promote the island as a territory that advocates sustainability.

This was made known by the Councillor for the Environment of the Cabildo Herreño, Montserrat Gutiérrez, and the CEO of Gorona del Viento, Santiago González, after a meeting in which the need for the Biosphere Reserve to become an integrating element, which makes it possible to continue to enhance the strengths of El Hierro, was highlighted. That is, “from maintaining the traditions and idiosyncrasies of the people of El Hierro, to the new development projects, which demonstrate the integration of the population in the territory, with the responsible use of its resources”, they affirmed.

It is 20 years since the island was declared a World Biosphere Reserve.  A commemoration that has been made visible through the slogan #20years20reasons, with which, especially through social networks, has helped to reinforce the visibility of El Hierro: its local products as part of the brand entity, singularities of the island that not only have to do with its scenic beauty but also with cultural, business, sporting and other activities.

Gorona del Viento recalled that being awarded the World Biosphere Reserve seal was a boost for the achievement of the El Hierro hydro-wind power station project, while this power station is now one of the most emblematic elements for the island to be able to continue revalidating the UNESCO title. “The Gorona del Viento self-supply system represents the sustainable use of resources, the determination of the people of El Hierro to move towards a development that is less dependent on the outside world and more profitable for the island and its inhabitants, opportunities for other sectors such as education and research, the promotion of a greater use of clean energies, etc.”, said Santiago González, CEO of Gorona del Viento.

For all these reasons, the agents involved in both Gorona and the Reserve have pledged to work hand in hand so that in the short term, initiatives will be implemented that not only give greater visibility to both, but also mean proximity to the public, and so that the latter can understand the Reserve as “an integrating element, because far from the old belief that it is a restrictive seal, what being a World Biosphere Reserve means is an added boost for any project to be carried out there, in line with the development model we have chosen”, says the Councillor for the Environment, Montserrat Gutiérrez.

Raising awareness of energy saving, promoting activities that support the educational community, promoting El Hierro as a tourist attraction for visitors who respect the natural environment, encouraging meetings with other territories in order to promote the exchange of experiences in similar development models, and implementing efficiency measures that result in economic savings for organisations, companies and individuals, and thus also in environmental benefits, are some of the lines of work that have been set out in the meeting between Gorona del Viento and the Biosphere Reserve.