Gorona del Viento El Hierro, S.A. has completely renewed its corporate website with a new design based on simplicity, transparency and interactivity.

The new image is now available with the same domain www.goronadelviento.es and it has important new content. The multimedia aspect is enhanced with videos and interactive infographs that allow to know the news of Gorona del Viento and the operation of the Wind-Pumped Hydro Power Station in a dynamic and interactive way.

Another of the great novelties is the complete remodelling of the informative sections. The current affairs section brings together the news generated by the company, offering at a glance the most important, ordered and structured contents. In addition, the page allows, in a single click, access to open data of the Wind-Pumped Hydro Power Station and others such as the transparency portal or the contractor’s profile.
It has a multimedia gallery, with its own photography and videos, as well as its connection with the different profiles of Gorona del Viento in social networks, i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The new page presents a more visual design, which adapts to different mobile devices and offers at the same time an accessible and intuitive navigation. The international profile of users has also been taken into account with the introduction of an English version of the main contents.
In addition, visitors can access through the page to monitor the demand for electricity in real time in El Hierro.