A total of €60,000 will be awarded to the improvement of language skills for high school students.

As of today, high school students from El Hierro will be able to apply for one of the scholarships that Gorona del Viento is offering for language courses abroad this summer. The language immersion scholarships are part of the Social Action program of this entity that annually allocates resources to activities that generate a positive impact on the society of El Hierro.

In total, 20 scholarships are offered for students studying 1st and 2nd year of Bachillerato in schools in El Hierro with an amount to be awarded of 60,000 €, so the maximum amount per scholarship will be 3,000 €. The award will be based on academic record and family income criteria.
The aid will be used to carry out a language immersion course in the country of the scholarship holder’s choice, provided that the official language (English, French or German) is the object of study and lasts for a minimum of three weeks.

This call for scholarships is an opportunity for the future of the young people of the Island. Gorona del Viento is committed to the quality of the training, especially in languages, because of the impact it will have on those who will be the driving force behind the development of El Hierro.
The grants may cover travel expenses; accommodation and maintenance; course registration; accident and civil liability insurance; or validation in Spain of the academic accreditation obtained, if applicable.

Students who meet the requirements and want to live this experience have until 8 May 2019 to submit their applications. The complete terms and conditions can be consulted on the corporate website and on the notice board of Gorona del Viento and the I.E.S Garoé.